Kaniv HPP


September 2016 – April 2017

Reconstruction of the electrical equipment of unit No. 3 of Kaniv HPP, namely reconstruction of hydroelectric generating sets No.9,10,11,12. The following was performed by Consortium “SPA “Ukrhidroenerhobud”:

- construction work on the replacement of the power transformer, a complex of electrical installation works on the installation of current transformers;

- a complex of electrical installation works on the installation of voltage transformers. Installation of a power unit for drainage and dehydrating system. Installation of instrumentation cabinets, meter cabinets, emergency events recorder cabinets. Installation of generator current leads;

- work on the arrangement of the ventilation system for closed switchgear room, local area network of emergency events and thermal control recorders, as well as cabinets for a smooth start of engines of the drainage system, industrial water supply for unit No.3;

- construction and electrical installation works on equipment of excitation system of hydroelectric generating sets;

- dismantling of existing integrated cable system, installation of power and control cables with fireproofing of cables and cable passages;

- a complex of construction and installation works on the drainage and dehydrating system of hydroelectric generating sets, installation of ventilation and fire-extinguishing systems in the control room;

- a set of start-up operations on equipment of unit No. 3.


January 2014 - December 2016

Reconstruction of units N2 and N3 (8 generators). Consortium “SPA “Ukrhidroenerhobud” performed the following work:

• change of electrical equipment and water-power plants;

• introduction of the new management system of the aggregate, block and station levels;

• reconstruction of the drainage system and drainage of hydraulic units, industrial water supply and oil-pressure equipment.


January 2012 - December 2013

Reconstruction of the electrical equipment of unit №6 of Kaniv HPP Branch, Ukrgidroenergo OJSC. Consortium “SPA “Ukrhidroenerhobud” performed the following work:

• Reconstruction of existing buildings and facilities;

• Reconstruction of generators’ feed systems;

• Reconstruction of control systems;

• Reconstruction of the integrated cable system of unit N 6;

• Reconstruction of auxiliary process systems.



Kaniv HPP has been operating since 1972. 24 horizontal capsule hydraulic units having capacity of 18.5 MW each are installed at GES. Total capacity of Kaniv HPP is 444 MW.