Policy of Consortium

Quality Policy and Environmental Policy

of Consortium “RPA “Ukrhidroenerhobud”

Consortium “Research and Production Association “Ukrhidroenerhobud” is a Ukrainian company, whose main activity is a complete and quality fulfilling of the customers’ requirements related to the provision of professional services associated with the construction, reconstruction and technical re-equipment of hydropower facilities, improving their operation modes, performance of construction and installation, as well as commissioning operations.

Consortium “RPA “Ukrhidroenerhobud” undertakes to:

- meet the requirements and develop an integrated quality management system, continuously improve its efficiency and effectiveness, pursuant to the international standard ISO 9001: 2015;

- meet the requirements of international standard ISO 14001: 2015, constantly improve the environmental management system as a part of the Integrated system of quality management and environmental management;

- prevent environmental pollution and prevent the possible adverse environmental impact of external factors;

- continuously improve professional skills and engagement of staff;

- regularly bring quality management and environmental management policy to the notice of all employees of the Consortium, subcontractors and contractors of the Consortium, the public and others.

The basic principles of the Consortium in the sphere of quality and environmental management are as follows:

- use of scientific and technical innovations and constant focus on implementing new advanced technologies in the field of hydraulic power engineering;

- regular monitoring of current and future requirements and expectations of customers;

- ongoing support of a high level of environmental protection and prevention of pollution;

- formation of the unity of purposes and lines of the Consortium’s activity;

- creation of an atmosphere of trust and support of public relations to achieve maximum participation of employees in the process of quality management;

- implementation of advanced methods of production;

- systematic analysis, evaluation and activities aimed at improving the effectiveness of the  Integrated system of quality management and environmental management.

Management of the Consortium acts as a leader and a guarantor of compliance with the requirements of international standards ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. In order to fulfill these obligations, the management of the Consortium assumes responsibility for the priority given to the quality and environmental protection, to the provision of the staff responsible for the quality of the processes with the necessary resources, as the successful implementation of Quality and environmental protection policy is the basis for the Consortium development.