Policy of Consortium


Consortium "RPA" Ukrgidroenerhobud "

the quality and environment

Consortium "Research and Production Association" Ukrgidroenerhobud "(hereinafter - Consortium) undertakes voluntary commitments:

  1. Develop an integrated quality management system and continually improve its efficiency and effectiveness, according to the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015;

  2. According to the requirements of ISO 14001: 2015 to continually improve environmental management system;

  3. Warn pollution and prevent possible negative consequences for the environment external factors;

  4. Comply with legislative and other regulatory requirements with which the consortium agreed and identified as a priority in its work;

  5. Regularly bring policy for quality management systems and environmental management to all employees Consortium persons acting under a power of attorney Consortium, the public and others.

The priority of the Consortium is full and qualitative performance of the established legal and regulatory requirements and customer requirements to provide professional services for the construction, modernization, reconstruction and technical re-equipment of hydropower facilities, improvement of their operation modes, the construction and installation and commissioning of the taking into account the interests of the Consortium.

Policy-based Consortium in quality is improving the image of Ukraine as a country that is moving through the acceleration of technological progress, which is modernizing its technical capacity and introducing the latest world achievements of science and technology in hydropower.

The main tasks of the Consortium:

  • using scientific - technical innovation and constant focus on implementing new technologies in the field of hydropower;

  • Regular monitoring of current and future requirements and expectations of customers;

  • constant support a high level of environmental protection and preventing pollution, keeping the optimal balance conservation with social and economic needs.

  • the formation of the unity of purpose and direction of the Consortium;

  • full involvement of all employees in the process of creating high-quality products and services;

  • the introduction of advanced methods of production.

The basic principles of the Consortium:

  • permanent prevention of problems rather than deal with their consequences;

  • establishing trust with customers, subcontractors and suppliers;

  • activation of creative potential employees, support and encourage those who make new ideas and suggestions for improving the efficiency of the integrated management system;

  • development and implementation of programs aimed at reducing the negative impact of the enterprise on the environment and create safe working conditions.

This Quality Policy and Environmental Policy Consortium constantly analyzed and is the basis for improving its operations and upgrade planning and management at all levels.