• Construction Headquarter Activity  of the Dniester PSPP

    November 10, 2017.The meeting of staff t on building of Dniester PSPP chaired by a director general PrJSC "Ukrhydroenergo" of I.Syrota took place in Novodniestrovsk. 
    The basic question  was building of the second turn of Dniester PSPP in composition 4th hydroelectric unit. The checking of round of site and technological areas was preceded the meeting. In particular, a technological corps and a mine of 4th hydroelectric unit were checked. 

  • Participation in the International Scientific and Practical Conference in Warsaw

    October 27, 2017. The specialists of Consortium RPA Ukrgidroenergobud took part in the International research and practice hydroenergetic conference traditionally organized  by Polish association of hydroenergetics. Scientists, engineers-designers, builders and specialists who take part on exploitation of the hydroelectricpower stations of different type and power from Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Romania and Norway took part in Conference.

  • Construction of Dniester PSPP

    September 13, 2017

    On September 13, in Novodnistrovsk was held a meeting on the construction of the Dniester PSPP. Following the discussion of current production, technical and organizational issues, was made a decision to develop and optimize work schedules for the second phase of the Dniester PSPP as part of the fourth hydraulic unit, namely the construction of the main constructions and the supply of the necessary equipment.